Happy Anniversary to Me!

1YearofBloggingFollowing right behind the 27th anniversary of my marriage to my wonderful husband, best friend and business partner, Mike, this week marks the First Year Anniversary of I’m All Booked!

I’ve had so much fun writing these articles and sharing them with whoever cares to read them. This project has certainly challenged me to be more selective in the books I choose to read. A week ago I shared on Facebook that we were getting new carpeting installed, and in preparation all the furniture had to be moved, including many bookshelves. In the process of boxing up books, I came across a handful that made me stop and think to myself, “Why do I have this book? Why is it even in my house? I’m never going to waste my time reading this.” Most of them I threw in a box to donate or swap, but one book didn’t even deserve that and ended up in the trash. So needless to say, it became a useful purging process.

Special thanks to everyone who has visited, commented, supported, and shblogaversaryared my blog with others over the past year. I hope my articles and book recommendations have been helpful.  I’m looking forward to reviewing and sharing some great books that are currently sitting in a little stack waiting for me to get to them. Since I started I believe I’ve published something every week except two, and my plan is to continue posting on a weekly basis, but don’t be surprised if I miss a week now and then. It’s getting to be quite a challenge to keep them coming!

Also, please feel free to offer your own suggestions of books you’d like to see me review here. Meanwhile, I will keep working off my list of books I believe every Christian should read, as well as others that come across my path and I think are worth bringing to your attention.

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