Why All the Fireworks? A Quick Lesson on the 4th of July

“Civil tyranny is usually small in its beginning, like ‘the drop of a bucket,’ till at length, like a might torrent, or the raging waves of the sea, it bears down all before it, and deluges whole countries and empires . . .” (Jonathan Mayhew, 1749)

4thofJulyI was thinking about what to post related to our national Independence Day holiday, when I came across a video in which an interviewer asked people why we celebrate the Fourth of July. As a person who taught many American Revolution classes for 3rd – 7th graders, the video made me not only very sad, but even somewhat disgusted and ashamed of the ignorance that many of my fellow Americans apparently have regarding this historical event and holiday.

Before watching the video below, take a quick assessment of your own knowledge of Independence Day by seeing if you can answer these questions correctly: Continue reading “Why All the Fireworks? A Quick Lesson on the 4th of July”