God’s Plan of Redemption, From Start to Finish: Better than the Beginning

Better than the Beginning: Creation in Biblical Perspective by Dr. Richard Barcellos

“God brought Adam into a covenantal relationship with Him at his creation… But he violated God’s covenant. He sinned. He transgressed God’s law…[as a result] Adam got kicked out of God’s house. Now he’s sinful, is a terrible image of God, a covenant breaker, and no longer the keeper of God’s garden-temple. What will God do now?”

Pastor Richard Barcellos’ book Better than the Beginning is the result of a sermon series he preached on creation. The purpose of his book is to show the importance of understanding the Biblical teachings on creation and how the doctrine of creation is directly related to the doctrine of redemption. He submits that it is of utmost importance to know not only who the Creator is, but His purpose for His creation and His ultimate goals for it. He explains,

God’s story [recorded for us in the Bible] tells us that He created, what He created in the first place, why He created man and what man’s supposed to do, why there’s so much trouble on the earth, and where history is heading.

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Book Review: Better Than the Beginning by Richard Barcellos

BetterThanBeginningBetter Than the Beginning: Creation in Biblical Perspective is not just another book on the biblical view of Creation; it’s a book that shows why the doctrine of Creation is relevant in the life of the Christian and how a true understanding of it will affect one’s whole view of God. Dr. Richard Barcellos is the head Pastor at Grace Reformed Baptist Church in Palmdale, California. GRBC Palmdale is one of the churches that belongs to a local association of Reformed Baptist churches in So. Cal., of which my own church is also a member. Although I haven’t yet had the opportunity to read this book, I know Pastor Barcellos well enough to feel confident that this book is well-written, biblical, and God-honoring, and I am willing to recommend it before having read it. Here is what others have said about Barcellos’ new book:

“Sometimes in the midst of controversy we can lose sight of the purpose of creation itself. Richard Barcellos uses the creation of the world like a great telescope to look up at the beauty of the Creator.” – Joel Beeke, President of Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

“Richard provides clear and penetrating insight into God’s purpose to bring the human race to a condition that is “Better than the Beginning.” Christ brings the creation train derailed by Adam to its original glorious destination!”- Dr. Sam Waldron, Academic Dean of Midwest Center for Theological Studies

“In a day of increasing secularization, it is refreshing to think of the divine purpose in making and sustaining the world. Read this book, and you will deepen your understanding of the Lord’s purposes in bringing the world into existence.” – Dr. James Renihan, Dean of the Institute of Reformed Baptist Studies

Besides the review below written by Bill at Reformed For His Glory, there is another more lengthy review by Fernando which includes some wonderful excerpts.

Reformed For His Glory

The first thing that jumped out at me from this book by our beloved brother, Richard Barcellos, was the great reverence and love he has been given for the Triune God of Scripture, as he writes with a pastor’s heart.

The next thing that jumped out at me was the immediacy of his sharing the gospel – continually – throughout the book; truly, the celebrant song of the saints can be heard in this volume as we travel redemptive history from the first page of the Bible in a quick tour (but not so quick that we fail to take notice of each stage of the process) of God’s plan for redeeming not only His people, but all of His creation, to a final state that is, indeed, “better than the beginning.” Reading this book is like hearing a series of sermons that takes one’s breath…

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