The Boy Who Wanted to Write the Bible: Ink on his Fingers

InkonFingers-CoverInk on His Fingers by Louise A. Vernon

Hans recalled with painful intensity his vow to make the man who had borrowed Father’s money return it all. Here it was – but now he did not want the money, and he knew Mother would not want it either. The printing of the Bible must come first.

When twelve-year-old Hans Dunne’s father dies suddenly, it looks like he will be forced to drop out of the monastery Latin school. As it turns out, his father was in debt, so now his mother cannot pay the tuition for school. Hans feels he should learn a trade in order to help his family. But his secret ambition is to one day make copies of the Bible, and if he doesn’t become a monk, how will he ever be able to achieve his goal? Continue reading “The Boy Who Wanted to Write the Bible: Ink on his Fingers”