Hymns of All Churches

I’m currently in the process of setting up a lending library for our church, which we are seeding with the many boxes of books we acquired when my father-in-law passed away several years ago. He had quite a collection of theological works, Bible study materials, commentary sets, and biographies, and we have discovered several gems, some of which are out of print and hard to acquire now. Along with theology, my father-in-law loved music. Today I came across an interesting little book entitled The Story of Fifty Hymns. There are several other similar books in his collection, but this one I found particularly interesting; I thought I would share the preface and I think you will understand. The full descriptive title of this little book is:

Emersons choirThe Story of Fifty Hymns: Giving the Historical Facts, Purposes and Interesting Highlights of Fifty Hymns We All Love Best, Chosen from Many Hundreds of Hymns of the Protestant, Catholic and Jewish Faiths; Sung by Joe Emerson and His Fellow Artists on the “Hymns of All Churches” Program.

The first thing I found curious is that the book was published by General Mills (you know, the cereal company!), and that’s what prompted me to read the front matter. Read the story of this little collection for yourself. Continue reading “Hymns of All Churches”