Who is Jesus? Taking a Closer Look

Knowing Christ bookcoverKnowing Christ by Mark Jones

“Put all the pleasures of life such as family, job, recreation music, sports, entertainment, cuisine, and technology in one…Such joys pale in comparison with the delight of knowing Jesus and basking in communion with his person, not just his work!”

In his introduction of Knowing Christ, author Mark Jones states that his purpose for the book is, “to look at the person of Christ and give readers — particularly those in the church — a reason to love him more. We can only love him more by knowing him better,” and by knowing is meant a relational, personal knowledge, not merely intellectual acquaintance. His book is almost like a biography and character study of Jesus, examining the person, qualities, and work of Jesus Christ, both in his divine nature and his human nature. Continue reading “Who is Jesus? Taking a Closer Look”