The Life of the Pilgrim behind Pilgrim’s Progress

Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners

Grace AboundingOr a brief relation of the exceeding mercy of God in Christ to him, to His poor servant, John Bunyan

John Bunyan was a non-conformist English pastor who lived from 1628-1688. During his years of ministry, he spent sapproximately 14 years in prison for preaching without a legal license as required by England at the time. Bunyan’s best known work is certainly The Pilgrim’s Progress, a book that I feel every Christian should read. Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners is Bunyan’s autobiographical account, which he wrote in 1666 while in prison primarily for the benefit of the people under his ministry.

Here is a synopsis of Bunyan’s journey to faith, repentance and godliness, as he describes it: Continue reading “The Life of the Pilgrim behind Pilgrim’s Progress”

A Christian Fable for Children: “So Much the Better”

MuchTheBetter-coverSo Much The Better by Megan Means

“When I encountered you, Ari, you caused me to look at life differently. The ways of my world seemed clearly wrong. I was puzzled. I was changed. I was bewildered. So, I had to follow you…My heart beats differently now and strangely enough, I do yearn for the things you speak of. I never cared about such ideas in the past. Being told I am trustworthy is something foreign to me and I want to understand more.”
“Gamzo, it appears old things have passed away and all things have become
new. It does happen to those who seek it.”

My sister asked me if I would read a book that a friend of hers wrote and maybe write a review of it, so I agreed. Before talking about the book itself, here’s a little bit about the author:

“Megan Means’ children were the inspiration for her to begin writing stories. Megan has a passion for children’s literacy and wants every child to have a love for books and reading. Megan enjoys volunteering in her community with the local Literacy Council to promote reading for young children and has served as a reading tutor in her local public schools to help children with learning disabilities.” Continue reading “A Christian Fable for Children: “So Much the Better””

The Christian Life in Allegory Form: Pilgrim’s Progress

Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan

“Look in front of you. Do you see the Narrow Road? That is the way you must go…There are many paths adjacent to this one, and they are crooked and wide; but you can distinguish the right one from the wrong one because only the right one is straight and narrow.”

Pilgrim’s Progress
definitely qualifies as a book that every person who calls himself a Christian should read. The preacher Charles Spurgeon is reported to have read Pilgrim’s Progress 100 times! Spurgeon said he suspected that if John Bunyan were to be poked, he would bleed scripture. The story is a wonderful allegory which richly illustrates deep biblical truths, and Bunyan’s knowledge and understanding of the Bible is evident as he weaves so many ideas and terms from the Bible throughout his story.

A little background Continue reading “The Christian Life in Allegory Form: Pilgrim’s Progress”