Are You Homesick for Heaven Yet?

Heaven by Randy Alcorn

I’m not sentimental —
This skin and bones is a rental,
And no one makes it out alive. – Jon Foreman of Switchfoot

How can we set our hearts on Heaven when we have an impoverished theology of Heaven? How can we expect our children to be excited about Heaven – or to stay excited about it when they grow up? Why do we talk so little about Heaven? And why is the little we have to say so vague and lifeless?

Most of us have experienced the excitement of planning or anticipating a big event. Maybe it’s a vacation we’ve been looking forward to, the birth of a baby, or the wedding of a child. As the big event gets closer, we can’t help but think and talk about it. We ask questions – What’s it going to be like? What do I need to have or bring with me? Who else will be there? We proceed to make the necessary preparations, such as gathering information or obtaining whatever materials or supplies we may need for this imminent event.

Death is the one certain imminent event that we all face. Randy Alcorn begins his book Heaven by talking about death, because let’s face it, that’s the way most of us will likely arrive there. Continue reading “Are You Homesick for Heaven Yet?”

Called to China, Recalled to Life: Safely Home

I recently had the privilege of witnessing the baptism of eight souls at my brother’s church, his daughter being one of those who were baptized. At that service, two young university students from China were also baptized. It was very moving to hear them give their testimonies, as they remarked that it was clear that God had brought them here to the United States – not simply to attend school – but so that they would meet the Lord Jesus Christ and become Christians. One made the comment that accepting Christ was not something they took lightly. It is certain they will face challenges when they return home to China with their new faith. The testimony of these two young men reminded me once again of a compelling and inspiring novel I read last year,

safelyhomeSafely Home by Randy Alcorn

“China is my place of service. It is the battlefield where Li Quan has been dispatched as Yesu’s soldier. But this is not my home. Heaven is my home, my true country. I know that now. But it was a hard lesson to learn.”

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