All of God’s Grace: From Start to Finish

All of Grace by Charles Spurgeon

Spurgeon near the end of his life.
Charles Spurgeon near the end of his life. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
“True religion is supernatural at its beginning, supernatural in its continuance, and supernatural in its close. It is the work of God from first to last.”

I just finished this wonderful work of 125 short pages in which Charles Spurgeon presents the work of the Trinity in saving sinners. This book has a decidedly evangelistic tone, as the preacher addresses the reader in the imperative saying things like, “Come and see,” “Now look at this,” and “Listen to me.” I believe this book would be profitable reading not only for unsaved individuals, but for someone who is a new believer, someone who’s unsure if he’s saved, someone who wants to understand how one is saved, or someone who’s struggling with a sense of guilt or unworthiness before God. It’s also a great little book to reaffirm and remind any believer of all that God has done for him to bring about his salvation and to keep him in the faith. Topics addressed in this brief work include: grace, regeneration, justification, faith, repentance, sanctification, Christ’s intercession, and the preservation of the believer. Spurgeon’s skillful use of illustrations helps the reader in his understanding of these truths. Continue reading “All of God’s Grace: From Start to Finish”

A False Gospel + False Methods = False Believers : Today’s Gospel

todaysgospelToday’s Gospel: Authentic or Synthetic? by Walter Chantry

“Our ears have grown accustomed to hearing men told to ‘accept Jesus as your personal Savior’, a form of words which is not found in Scripture. It has become an empty phrase. These may be precious words to the Christian – ‘personal Savior’ – but they are wholly inadequate to instruct a sinner in the way to eternal life.”

In Today’s Gospel, Walter Chantry examines the methods and message that is being delivered in today’s efforts to evangelize the lost. Some may say, “What does it matter, as long as people are coming to Christ?” But Chantry submits that it does matter, because if the message being preached or the methods being used are not Biblical, the result may be “converts” who continue to live carnal lives, who struggle with doubt and assurance of salvation, and whose faith withers away just as the seed that falls on the thorny or rocky ground. Or worse, these “converts” are sent away with a false sense of security after making a decision and repeating a formula prayer, when in fact they may not be regenerated at all. Chantry challenges all who share the Gospel, whether from a pulpit, on the mission field, or in one-on-one relationships, to consider if they are communicating the whole Gospel message. Continue reading “A False Gospel + False Methods = False Believers : Today’s Gospel”

Are You Comfortable Knowing You’re in God’s Hands?

“Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” (1741) by Jonathan Edwards

“People were so changed before the sermon was ended that they were ‘bowed down with an awful conviction of their sin and danger.””
George Whitefield preaching in the open air.

Within 100 years after the Pilgrims and the Puritans came to the New World and established their colonies at Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay, the spiritual condition in the American Colonies had fallen into a state of decline and lukewarmness. Several social and economic factors contributed to this. During the early 1700’s, the population and diversity of people and religion in the colonies was growing rapidly. As colonies became more populated, families began to settle further from the center of the community. As a result of this, church attendance and membership decreased due to distance. Families living in more isolated wilderness areas in the west developed a spirit of independence and self-sufficiency, and their dependence on church and civil government lessened. As efforts were focused on physical survival, attention to spiritual matters seemed less important, while on the other hand, an interest in materialism was on the rise. But towards the middle of the century God brought about a spiritual revival in New England known as The Great Awakening, an event that proved to actually be a key factor in uniting the colonies leading up to the Revolution. Continue reading “Are You Comfortable Knowing You’re in God’s Hands?”