Is Something Missing from Your Christmas?

star-of-bethlehem“We’re in danger of losing Christmas…A subtle but sure erosion is eating away the season’s true significance.” –  John F. MacArthur, The Miracle of Christmas

I intended to write a little something this week about the true meaning of Christmas, but I came across a book I have by John MacArthur called The Miracle of Christmas in which he expresses so well the thoughts I would like to share, that I figured I would just borrow from the book, and let MacArthur speak on my behalf.

In his Introduction, MacArthur explains that his book is an attempt to counteract the two most common responses toward Christmas that are essentially corrupting the truth and erasing the message behind it: 1) the mythologizing of the Christmas story, and 2) the secularization of it. He goes on to explain: Continue reading “Is Something Missing from Your Christmas?”