The Christian Life in Allegory Form: Pilgrim’s Progress

Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan

“Look in front of you. Do you see the Narrow Road? That is the way you must go…There are many paths adjacent to this one, and they are crooked and wide; but you can distinguish the right one from the wrong one because only the right one is straight and narrow.”

Pilgrim’s Progress
definitely qualifies as a book that every person who calls himself a Christian should read. The preacher Charles Spurgeon is reported to have read Pilgrim’s Progress 100 times! Spurgeon said he suspected that if John Bunyan were to be poked, he would bleed scripture. The story is a wonderful allegory which richly illustrates deep biblical truths, and Bunyan’s knowledge and understanding of the Bible is evident as he weaves so many ideas and terms from the Bible throughout his story.

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