Am I Using the Wrong Bible? : The King James Only Controversy

The King James Only Controversy: Can You Trust Modern Translations? by James R. White

Bibles-noflash“I am sincerely convinced that if most Christians had a solid grasp on the history of the Bible, and were familiar with at least the broad outline of how translation is undertaken, the KJV Only issue would be more of a slight disagreement than a full-blown controversy.”

Do you have a favorite version of the Bible? If so, it may be your preference for a number of reasons: perhaps it’s the version you grew up reading, or you like the poetic or old-fashioned language it uses, or maybe you just find the language easier to understand than in other versions. For most people, choosing a Bible version to read and study is based on factors like these. For the most part, verses and passages I learned by heart were in the King James Version (KJV), but once I received a New American Standard Bible as a gift and began using that, I became used to it, and even when the pages were torn and falling out, I dreaded replacing it. Since then I have come to enjoy reading and comparing the Scriptures in different versions.

Some people have their reasons for preferring or only using the King James (also known as the 1611 Authorized) Version Bible. Dr. James White makes it clear that he has nothing against the KJV or people who like using it. But his book The King James Only Controversy focuses on that group of people who go beyond preference to insistence, to the point of considering all other translations as corrupt. Continue reading “Am I Using the Wrong Bible? : The King James Only Controversy”