Greetings, Readers!

Looking for something good to read? Well, you’ve come to the right place! I love reading, book lists, and recommending great books to others. Please accept my humble reviews and recommendations of Christian, Classic, and Children’s books. Check out my lists of “Books Every Christian Should Read,” and feel free to comment on my articles and to offer some of your own recommendations!

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4 Responses to Greetings, Readers!

  1. I'mAllBooked says:

    Actually, if you look at the top of the page where the tabs are, the last one at the far right has my contact info and you will find my email address there. Feel free to email me with your ideas. thanks.

  2. I'mAllBooked says:

    Thanks for asking. Please feel free to share my articles, as long as you link back to my site as the source.

  3. I'mAllBooked says:

    Thanks, and I hope you find some of the articles and reviews here to be helpful.

  4. Laura Bennet says:

    Hi there! We have some similar experiences in family, homeschooling and tutoring, not to mention reading! I notice that your book list of fiction (while I highly applaud it and have read all of them) is focused on classics. Do you ever review current fiction? As an author, I’m always looking for bloggers who review Christian fiction, and I noticed your site. Great lists!

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